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Friday, May 23, 2008

Speak to the Rock or Strike it???

What is God calling us to do? What about You--what is God calling you to do? John has been reading about Moses and how the Lord spoke to him. One time when the Isrealites were grumbling about water...God told Moses to strike the rock--the next time he was told to speak to the rock. Both times, he struck it. Sometimes, we think--well probably more often than others---we will just try what we did last time when God spoke to us. When Moses did that, he was uninvited to the Promised Land. Repitition is not worth that for me or John! So, right now, as we wait on God and how He will move in this whole Russia thing...we need patience in trusting Him. We both believe that the Lord has told us to trust Him. Vague? Well, even if it seems like it is not something "to do", we will be obedient and trust.

Right now, our student visas(all of them--it appears) have been denied---our friends on the Russian side have never heard of this happening before. So, we know that the tightening of walls in Russia is occurring. We don't know what we will "do" next, but we were told to trust. God knows what needs to happen for us to go, now or later, so it really is in His hands. We are praying for our steps to be ordered by the Lord and for Him to open the doors He has for us. If we have any ideas or Godly inspirations...we will see what those hold...but for now, we pray.

This is not so easy to do with all the questions of ...what do we do with the house(but for now, we haven't sold it--so we don't really have to think about that till something happens)? What about John's job? I don't have all the answers, but that's ok for now. All I can say is---God, You do Your thing in us and through us, where ever that is!

One thought that I have had lately with the Russia calling---I hear the words a lot---"Well, you are called..." It feels a bit funny to be seen as different now that we are called away to Russia...WELL, we are not the only ones called, All God's children are "different" and CALLED--it's just a difference of where and with whom! So, that is one of my deep thoughts lately. It's really freeing actually to know that we all are called. Now, the question would be to all of us is how are you obeying your "call."

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Hannah said...

What an encouragement this was to me! I will be praying for you and your family. I often forget to trust the Lord during the rough times. I am so glad He doesn't forget me!