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Friday, April 4, 2008

Date Ideas...leave me your idea!

I just sent an email to our Honeymooners(young marrieds) class at church with some date ideas and thought I'd see if any of you readers have any more great date ideas...Here is what I came up with...leave a comment and tell me any ideas that you might have!

Batting cages (have done)
Starbucks(b/c after this, it’s toooooo much money to go out to eat!—haha!)
Ice Skating
Movies/Dinner (have done)
Just Dinner---dress up in 50’s clothes and go to a diner! (have done)
Go dancing!(Can you tell I went to TEXAS A&M and went to Denim and Diamonds??? Country and Western Dance Hall!) (have done)
Donut shop
Go eat breakfast for dinner
Cook a meal and have a candle light dinner. (have done)
Go out for a coke/root beer/diet drink—whatever is your pleasure!Go swing at a park


Lauren said...

we like to go to state parks, lighthouses, walk on the beach, etc. It's different depending on where you live.

Kay said...

*Go to an opera, concert or theater production (professional or otherwise - sometimes the 'otherwise' are even more fun and cheaper, too)
*Ride bikes
*Visit the Zoo or a Museum
*Walk the mall, sit and "people watch" together
*Browse a Barnes & Noble (they have Starbucks, too!)
*Okay - I'll be the lame one here and say that Shawn and I have actually just walked the aisles of a Wal-Mart or Target with no real intention of buying anything, just 'window shopping' or pointing out all the 'weird/funny' products.

Lauren said...

Oh yeah... I second some of what Kay said... concerts (we have a liberal arts university in our town, and it has GREAT classical concerts) and visit zoos or museums. I knew I was forgetting stuff C: