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Monday, April 28, 2008

The I's of Me--

i am: unique--many people would be surprised what goes on in my brain!
i think: all the time.
i know: that my hubby loves me.
i want: a pair of jeans that are long!
i have: more than enough!
i wish: I was never nervous about life and it's issues.
i hate: pride--funny how we hate things that we might struggle with ourselves.
i miss: my girls.
i fear: God.
i feel: freedom from school this week--the girls are with my parents in Florida.
i hear: Full House on the downstairs tv.
i smell: grilled cheesse.
i crave: frappucinos and quiet time.
i search: for knowledge in the health field.
i wonder: how our world became so much about "I, Me, Myself".
i regret: what I say or how I say it when I get upset.
i love: to read and to blog.
i ache: for nothing.
i care: that people read or don't read my blog:).
i always: check email and the mailbox.
i am not: a perfectionist, but I love order!
i believe: in Christ Jesus and the Word of God very strongly.
i dance: with my kiddos when our blog music comes on.
i sing: worship songs and Hannah Montana and Emily? songs("I don't think about it"--can you tell I have girls who are fans!)
i don’t always: remember to floss every night like I should!
i fight: going to sleep when John is not home.
i write: in a journal, my Bible and here on this blog and comment on others!
i win: at mad gab.
i lose: at spades and most games, unless it's against my kiddos.
i never: have had an inside furry pet.
i confuse: my mom and others when I try to explain myself--better to just not say anything--I end up confusing myself too!
i listen: to many deep conversations from another room(did this growing's easier to not say too much when you aren't in the room---I 've also heard probably too much that was about me and wasn't intended for me to hear b/c I happened to be in the other room!!)
i can usually be found: on the computer or in the kitchen--cleaning or cooking.
i am scared: when I don't rely on Christ.
i need: Jesus!!! every day.
i am happy about: summer!

If you want to do the same I list...comment and I will check your list out on your blog:)


Ashley McWhorter said...

Wasn't this fun? I love doing these things. Hope you are having a good start to the week! :)

The Herd said...

I love the lists too! Thanks for coming to see mine!

Hannah said...

I made a list. It was really fun!

JessicaHall said...

I love this! I know you so much better! :-)