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Sunday, April 6, 2008

What did you learn from church today or last night?

Our pastor has been teaching on Life According to Monopoly! He is showing that we shouldn't live according to the rules of Monopoly b/c in the end everything ends up in the box! I think my favorite part was last night when he went through lists of things that were temporary and things that were are some of the things that were examples--see below...are they your emphasis or just bonus in your life.

These extras are not bad, unless your focus is them. He said that none of us would actually be tempted to go by a new bed or lampstand for a hotel room we were staying in...b/c the hotel room is not our home, but is temporary. Well, we are on this earth temporarily so keep that in mind. It was good to have a visual(I am such a visual learner!). He either had the stamp TEMPORARY or FOREVER on the pictures. I am not so computer savy that I know how to do that so you just get the pictures!
The first two were pictures of the Hurst Castle(this was built over 88 years and all the man can say now(from eternity) is that people pay to see his stuff!! He is gone from this earth and someday his stuff will be too.)
DSC_0181 Are these Temporary or Forever?
Picture 039


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