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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was tagged...I feel so loved!!

I was tagged(meaning ...asked to post about this topic) by Amelia over at Parkersanity--see side link.

What three skills or hobbies would you learn if you had all the time, tools, and money you needed?

1. Gardening--my friend Alisa keeps me inspired in this area, but I need more than inspiration...I need time, tools(no, I do have those), and money for it!

2. Writing--I would like to be an author--and co-write with my hubby!! We already have a book idea--bet you didn't know that about me! We even have the title already...but I won't tell the secret yet.

3. Nutritionist or a Herbal Doctor--OH how I would love love love to do this one the most!
For this, I would need time, tools, and money!!

So, will you be next in posting...Lauren, Kay, Ginger, Tori, Hannah or any of my blogging friends??? Leave a comment if you are going to post!