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Monday, April 7, 2008

Have you ever frozen ketchup?

We learned today about materials changing states and so we did some examples. We also learned about chemical changes too.

We froze water to see it expand...and boy did it ever! They loved the result! We filled the water up to the top and froze it today.

Then we froze gum(I threw it out before I took the picture) , soy milk, mustard, grapefruit juice, olive oil(these are on the top row)

Bottom row: Rice Milk, jelly beans(they were gobbled up slowly) ketchup, hershey's syrup, and honey

This was our rust experiment, for which we needed Dad's expertise! I didn't know if any of these would rust, but John informed the kids that nails are galvanized so they don't rust, so...
we started with the nail and...
Dad scraped off the stuff so it would rust with the water we poured onto it! Thanks Dad!



Lauren said...

Awesome! I love science, especially hands-on experiment stuff! Thanks for praying for me today. It went really well! Wrote about it on my blog. I think I have a chance, but I'll be fine either way. God will provide!

Tori said...

Hey those are so great experiments!

Oh yea and I'm glad the potty training us going well!