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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why do I blog--asked by my blog friend Lauren!

Lauren, over at another blog, wrote a list of why she blogs...she had her 100th post, so she wrote kind of a cheers to it! I love it! So, I am writing about why I love to blog and linking it to her post so you can read her reasons.
1. First of all, I will have to say that I love to read and in loving to read, I have developed the love to write(well, type). I don't like to handwrite things, b/c then my hand just gets too tired. I love putting my thoughts to print, although it can and has gotten me in big trouble(well, not so big, but some). If I ever become an author--which I have thought about, this is my rough draft and practice time!
2. I like to give people an update on our family and I am not a phone lover! There are a few times when I do chat on the phone, and the conversations are long winded. I love talking to my friends and family, but then where does the time go. I type faster than I talk and more precise.
There will come a time when I won't see all my close friends and family as much as I'd like and this is a great way, I think, to keep in touch!
3. You can't send a picture over the phone, unless you have a digital frame! I like pictures--they help the stories!
4. I like creative cute things and this is a FREE easy way to have them!
5. I don't have the time, space, energy to scrapbook and this is my online scrapbook! I love it!

If you have a blog, you answer why you blog! If no blog, why not try to start one! I can help you if you would like!


Ali said...

All good reasons you have listed!
I posted my reasons in May 2006:

Tori said...

I enjoyed reading your reasons!!
I'm very glad you like to blog and I can come and read!

Hannah said...

i am a first time blogger. not too smart with the layouts and stuff, but I am learning. If you have anything to share I would love it!
I chose to blog cause I loved reading Lauren's (i grew up in the same church as her) blog. I just recenlty married and moved to NC from Fl. I find it a fun way to keep up with friends. Through her blog I have met many more friends and even some missiounaries that our church supports.