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Monday, April 14, 2008

You watched What?????--We get this all the time and have to explain!!

I just wanted to post about something that has been a great assett to our family...not in a spiritual sense(well, kind of, but not really) but in an entertainment way. It's called clear play. We find that there are very few movies out there that we can approve for our kids to watch or even us!! So, for awhile, we joined an editing company and rented edited movies(they literally removed all questionable content)...well, they were sued by Hollywood and had to shut down. We were left with no other way to watch edited movies...except there is a dvd player you can buy online or even at TARGET that will skip the questionable parts...EXCELLENT! We bought one for under $50(we actually needed a dvd player b/c ours had broken) and were on our way to enjoying films we wouldn't watch before. They let you monitor your level...for example, you can even edit disrespectfullness to parents!!! We miss a lot of unnecessary scenes/words/'s great...we get to see the plot without the mess!

Now, the dvd players are not High definition or blue sometimes they have to be fixed, but they just send you a new player and you send back the old on THE COMPANY!! They have the BEST customer service don't have to wait on the phone, they call you back when it's your turn!! Who knew that was available?! NO, I am not getting paid for this, but I thought it would be interesting info to pass on. It does cost about $5 a month to continue getting the downloadable new movies(a year contract)...but hey, it's worth it for us. If there is a problem with the dvd player they update your subscription so you don't lose time for what you have paid for and your player is not working!

Check out the link at the beginning of the post!


Lauren said...

We have a TV guardian, and it doesn't happen much, but we have had to say, "wait, let me explain... we didn't watch the real thing."

Tori said...

Hmm, sounds like a neat thing. I wonder if it really works for everything, innuendos too?

The Herd said...

TV Guardian is great--from what I have heard...I will have to check it out. Does it do only tv shows or movies you watch too?

I believe there are innuendos that are bleeped out too...

Lauren said...

The TV Guardian doesn't work for regular TV, I don't think. It's through the closed captioning on DVD's or VHSs. We don't watch movies that have bad ratings if it's due to nudity or "sexuality," but if there's a movie someone has told us only has a couple words, we check to see if it has closed captioning. If it does, we check it out on to see what they say. Then we might watch it on the DVD player. We're getting to where we watch fewer and fewer movies. Our standard has become: Would we show this to our pastor or the youth at church? We've ended up turning more and more off. When you look at it that way, there's not too many decent things to watch.