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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Post---One of the many beautiful churches in St. Petersburg, Russia


The Sparks Circus said...

SNORT, you need to check mine out! Why do you have to go? I am going to miss you for FunFullofTorture Friday Co-op, I Love co-op in case anyone is reading I really do! LOLOL I am just glad it is over for the school year

Tori said...

Oh pretty, but so sad that that church is so dead on the inside.

The Herd said...

The orthodox church is quite dead, but the other churches in St. Peter are quite alive!! More than in US, if you can believe it!
It's amazing...and there not too much differences in denominations or the things that seem to separate those Christians in the US. It's really quite awesome!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful place!

Lauren said...

That is an interesting looking church. It is sad that some churches are so kept up on the outside but not on the inside. Don't we all need to make sure we're not like that?