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Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Team!! Can you say MOOMOO?

My hubby's c0-workers were discussing that all three of them wanted to loose weight and get more in shape. So, they figured out that pain and/or embarrassment were motivators to "guys" like them! They decided to run a 5K with their work's fund raiser this past weekend. John has been running to get in shape for this event. John, David and Brent said that the winner of this event would be bought lunch by the second place person and the loser would have to wear one of John's mom's Moo Moo!!! during their lunch! Yesterday was the big day!! John was first in, then Brent, then David...David was a great sport and the guys went to the manliest place--Big Joe's for lunch today. Here's the evidence!! Enjoy!!

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