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Monday, April 7, 2008

My musical and dancing kiddos

Not dancing, not singing, just Matthew!
Bouncing and hanging out on my bed...
PURE NRG DVD on their dance moves.

Boys will be boys!! Mark is such a boy when it comes to his dance moves! It's fun to watch!

Boy, are my kiddos dancers and singers! They just love music. We recently bought a dvd that features a kids group called Pure NRG. They are a Christian band that I was hoping would replace the Hannah Montana fan part of my girls...I was trying to change the music they listen to b/c I was the one that introduced them to it.

It's funny, I grew up being very anal about not listening to anything but Christian music, but as I have gotten older, I have changed in the way I think. I don't think all secular music is bad now, but as a parent I do want to be careful with what my kids listen to. All that to say I love Pure NRG's songs.

The kids really love the songs too b/c they are about God! They sound similar to the HM style of song, so it was an easy transition. Now they have fun and worship God at the same time.


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Misty said...

We love Pure NRG. The first time we listened to the CD I sang along to Footloose (hello, 80's) and Lauren and Kasey were shocked that I knew a cool song :) Our Fav is Thy Word.