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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reading through the Bible

Ok, I am doing it...I am starting in Genesis and reading straight through! I have started so many times and gotten through the books that most people dread...and I love--like Leviticus...and then I stop eventually. But, yesterday I just started the OT once again and I going to keep pluggin' til I finish--I don't care how long it takes me! I have started the NT months ago and I am in Luke(yes, I read fiction fast, but I like to digest the word--not just skim!:0) ).
So, here we go on a wild Bible adventure...will you join me? I am using my favorite Bible to do ESV Journaling has sections on the side where you can jot your notes...I have the one pictured below...the brown one. John gave it to me and I love it!!! It' s right up there with the NAS version as close to the original meaning as you get. I have researched it, so that's why I mention it. I am not an amplified or message or living Bible girl...I am straight up an original text girl(another black and white detail of myself!)--if I could read Greek and Hebrew I would go to the real originals!! Maybe I should take those up as my next languages? I digress, I have to tackle Russian now, so they will have to wait.

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Lauren said...

I started reading through my Bible again on January 1. I'm in I Kings right now.